What if I don't have access to the gym, can I still do the project?

Damn right you can. This program is designed so you can train at home or the park with little to no equipment. And if you decide to go to the gym, don't worry, you can easily adapt the program to train there also. 


I only have time to train a maximum of twice per week, will I still get results?

Although we provide you with 4-5 sessions per week, if you only have the time to train twice thats totally fine. You will still get great results and will be able to fit the program around your lifestyle. As always you can still speak with our support team in the Facebook group if you need that extra motivation or question answering.  


Can I do the change 16:61 project whilst doing my own training?

Yes you can. As well as the training we provide the nutrition, coaching, Facebook group as well as all the manuals like the 'Change 16:61 Fat Loss Cook Book'. So you will still have all these amazing resources to go alongside your own training plan. 


I've never trained before, can I still do this project?

Hell yeah. We've designed this program so that no matter if you have 10 years training experience, or have never trained before, each and every video demonstrates exactly what you need to do to get the best results possible. 


I cant exercise right now, should I still do the program?

I would encourage you to get back fighting fit before you commit to the program. But as soon as you can train it would be great to have you onboard. 



Is this program suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. We provide you with a whole list of foods to choose from and teach you how to add them to your daily routine. This flexible approach means you can make your own food plans and still get incredible results. 

I've never followed a nutrition program or tracked calories before, is this program still going to work for me?

Don't worry, the nutrition program is designed to make it very simple for you. We've created lots of simple, easy recipes for you to cook that are all going to help get you the most epic fat loss results. The nutrition journey takes you through the most basics like understanding your plate, all the way to tracking calories, macronutrients and using apps like My Fitness Pal. We make it easy for you to understand and implement. 

I have food allergies/intolerances, can I still follow the nutrition program? 

You certainly can. Because we give you a huge variety of foods to choose from, as well as how to track them, it means you can still follow the plan and enjoy the foods you love.

If you would like to discuss this further before starting the project, please contact for more information.



I'm ready to start, but I have a holiday during the project. What should I do? 

The great news is you can do this project anywhere, even if you don't have access to the gym. So before you panic, remember its a lifestyle and should therefore fit around your lifestyle. We provide you with the training, nutrition and support so that if you are away, you will still be able to follow the plan whilst relaxing and enjoying your well earned holiday.  


Still require further details before starting the project?

Let us know how we can help