What is Change 16:61?

The Change 16:61 program is an online training system designed for both men and women of all abilities and ages who's goal is to BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE without spending hours and hours in the gym. The first 16 days is designed to kick start your transition into a healthier, happier and leaner you. You will be given all the tools you require to begin this process and ensure you get the very BEST from your transformation. From there you are ready for the next 61 days of intense, results driven training and nutrition.

This program has worked for my clients and its guaranteed to work for you. No more food restrictions, no more 2-3 hour training sessions and no more missing out on social events. This is a sustainable program that is tailored to you. So if you are truly ready to make a change this New Year, get on board.

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What is Included?

Workouts and Training Tutorials 

Each phase includes a brand new training plan designed specifically for your goal and ability which you can do in the gym, in the park or at home. Every exercise and workout on the program has a video and demonstration for a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee, so no matter what level you are at, you will always find an exercise that works and challenges you. Not only that, every exercise has a detailed video tutorial with teaching points and tips and you will have me there helping you every step of the way.  

What is Included?

Nutrition, recipes and much more…

When it comes to nutrition, set meal plans simply don't work. Why? Because we don't all live in a perfect world where we have our meals prepared, or the restaurant has our calories for that day pre worked out and for may of us we simply don't want to carry weighting scales around with us. The nutrition strategy is designed to deliver everything you need to know about creating your own plate, understanding food types, the properties they have to burn fat and build muscle, working out how many calories you need, along with a huge variety of tasty, guilt free meals in order to get you where you want to be. After 77 days your diet will simply become an sustainable way of life. 

What is Included?

Members group

Being part of a group of goal driven, results hungry individuals can be exactly what you need in order to stay on track and keep heading towards the transformation you are working for. Feel confident knowing others are in this with you and be part of a community of people who are in your corner every step of the way. 

What is Included?


Join the Change 16:61 program with confidence, knowing every step of the way you will have the support you need in order to achieve the body transformation you deserve. I will personally be active each and every day both via email and on the Facebook group answering questions, doing individual checkins and motivating you to be better each day. 



The change 16:61 Journey 

This project is not a short term fix that is designed to make you loose body fat rapidly by heavily restricting your calories, making you train for hours each day and sacrificing your social life.

You may think from watching the tv, scrolling the internet and having done other plans out there, that this is the only way. Well I'm here to show you that IT IS NOT.

The project is designed to help your BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE through detailed, tailored training and nutrition, because we know first hand that not everybody is the same, so its important you have a plan that fits you as an individual. 

Change 16:61 is a journey and one that is sustainable for the rest of your life. We take you through each phase of training and nutrition to ensure you are learning what is needed to drop body fat and get the results you are working so hard for. 

Broken into 3 parts, this project offers the very best training, nutrition and recipes that enables you to improve each and every day. Plus with the help of the team and the individuals who are sharing the journey with you, you are guaranteed to succeed and achieve that body transformation you deserve. 



Upon signing up to the Change 16:61 program you will firstly be directed to an online questionnaire designed to tell us a little bit about you as a person and give us a clear picture of your goals and abilities.

From here it is our job to create a program that is optimal for your goals and abilities.


16 days of pure GOLD

The first 16 days is designed to kick start your transition into a healthier, happier and leaner you.

Each day you will receive the training, nutrition and lifestyle tools you need in order to prime your body and mind for whats to come. 


Receive Phase 1

Over the next 16 days you will be carefully assessed and this will lay the foundations for your 61 day FAT LOSS journey.

Day 17 you will receive your tailored training and nutrition plans and get started on your transformation journey. 


Results and Feedback

You are well underway with your body transformation so its now time for a detailed check in and our chance to improve on your results over the next 30 days.

Once phase one is complete we asses your results and apply any changes necessary for phase 2.


Receive Phase 2

Results assessed and now its on to phase 2 of your training and nutrition.

Allow 24hrs after review to update your program and give you the final piece to the puzzle of creating a healthier, fitter and leaner you. 


The Finish Line

Congratulations, you did it.

You are now a proud graduate of the Change 16:61 program.

You will remain a lifelong member of the group and always have the support and guidance you need in order to continue on your fitness journey. 



What make us different?

We don't believe in one plan fits all and we understand everyone is a complete individual and should be treated that way. Macros, calories, training levels and lifestyles all vary from person to person so simply selling a cookie cutter plan is setting them up to fail.

The best training for FAT LOSS is a combination of resistance training and cardio, and with this program you will receive ample amounts of both. We also understand time is valuable and spending hours in the gym just isn’t sustainable. With this you will find yourself in and out in no time and you can even train from home or the park if thats what you prefer.

Our attention to detail is second to non and after phase 1 its our duty to asses your results and tailor your second phase around them. No matter what your level, this program is designed to work too your ability, so if you find something hard we can help regress your training, and if its to easy don't worry, we can give you something thats much more challenging to test your limits and smash your goals. 

The first 16 days is designed to kick start your transition into a healthier, happier and leaner you. However if you feel the program isn't right for any reason you are not obliged to continue and you wont be charged a penny for the 16 days you have completed. You will still get to keep the training and nutrition strategies as well as the fat loss recipe manual so you can continue working towards the body and lifestyle you want.