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These results speak for themselves.

 Real results from people who have been through my online fat loss coaching.

Now its your turn. 


Your Results

When it comes to results, for many it may mean getting lean, to some adding muscle and for others simply changing their negative relationship with food and training to a positive one is a huge achievement. 

We fully understand your transformation may be different to somebody else's and its important you don't compare your results to the results of others. Peoples bodies change at different times and speeds but we are here to ensure you have a plan that is designed to get you the results you work hard for. 

Its easy to get caught up comparing your body to others and even more so with the access to social media. Give us you 100% effort and we guarantee you will be over the moon with the results you achieve. 

We are proud knowing that everyones results are down to hard work, commitment and love for the program, so give it your all and complete the process knowing that what you have achieved is the result of your hard work. 


Greg, 28

"After a couple of years of letting things slip health and fitness wise I decided to take control and get help to get myself back on track. I had followed ben for a couple of years on social media and seen the results he had been getting with his clients so i decided to get in touch. Ben got back to me very quickly and fully explained what the plan would involve so I signed up straight away. Everything is easy to follow and simply explained and any questions I had were quickly answered.

I had tried many diet and training programs before and had eliminated various food groups so was a bit weary the first time i seen my diet as i had always avoided carbs when dieting(big mistake) but not with this program. The program teaches you everything you need to know to keep the results and even improve on them once its finished.

The training is varied and fun and if you cant do a certain exercise ben would also suggest an alternative so you can keep progressing.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to make a change get in touch with ben, you wont regret it."


Jordan, 24

'As results and achievements go deciding to work with Ben has been one of my best decisions to date.

He took me, my physique and my mindset to levels I never expected. As a coach he continued to motivate and drive me whilst also being the one to chase up on me at times, which is pretty uncommon with most online coaches and that is a credit to Ben and his hard work.

I had consistent interaction with Ben and that really helped me with achieving my goals.

I would recommend Ben's online training too anyone looking to get in shape and who wants to learn how to keep the fat off.'

Alicia, 34

"I have been training with Ben for 2.5 years and couldn't be happier.  He is very supportive, knowledgable, patient and understanding. I have purchased numerous online nutrition plans and guides in the past and have always been disappointed at the lack of support after purchase. You are on your own after purchase and have no one to answer any questions you may have on the guide. However, Ben is easy to contact and responds promptly. 

Since training with Ben, I have lost loads of weight and inches, and gained lean muscle; especially the bum I never had and always wanted! His training plans are easy to follow and very effective. In addition, I found his meal plans and nutritional advice to be realistic and not too restrictive. 

Furthermore, I have knee and shoulder injuries, which Ben has taken into account by providing modifications to the exercises.

Ben's expertise, diligence, professionalism and passion is unparalleled."

Chris, 27

"I am no beginner when it comes to the gym, I am actually a qualified yoga teacher, however
I have always struggled to understand the nutrition side of things and exactly how to structure my diet around my work, training and social life.

Ben made this very easy by providing me with not only example meal plans, but the most detailed and easy to understand nutrition manual I've seen to date.

I found this a lot more beneficial than giving me a set plan as with work and social commitments I knew it would be difficult to stick to exact meals.

I lost body fat almost immediately and my strength and muscle mass saw a big increase in such a short space of time.

Having worked with such a vigilant trainer who holds me accountable for all my training and food choices I have managed to stay strong and motivated on myself which before I most definitely could not do."

Jennifer, 27

"I've trained with Ben over the past two years and I've not only managed to achieve the body composition goals I've always wanted through training and correct nutrition, but I've learnt to sustain my results.

How? Well, the difference with Bens methods, in comparison to other PT's I've worked with, is that Ben believes in balance, he teaches you how to establish healthy habits with both training and nutrition, and to apply them to your day to day lifestyle. Moreover, Ben has helped me recover from two long standing injuries by teaching me what correct training is all about, ensuring my programming is targeted to my personal strength and conditioning needs, and monitoring my progress each step of the way.

I would recommend Ben to anybody who is looking to achieve a healthy, balanced and happy lifestyle and anybody who is looking to move well and feel well following injury."

Darren, 30

'My 12 weeks transformation with Ben totally transformed my physique and mindset after the first phone call.

My diet was so sustainable and such a variety of foods and the training was insane! We spoke once a week on the phone, which was an inspiring 15 mins, ready for the next week to be hit hard.

Great guy, great knowledge and so dedicated to making people achieve their goals.'

David, 42

"What can I say about Ben, at first I was reluctant to use a trainer as I have had one
in the past and found after a while we both got a little complacent and I stopped seeing results, however after being introduced by a friend of mine who was also an online client of Ben’s I immediately changed my mind and we started the next day.

I only had a limited time with Ben so he was completely honest about what results I was to expect, but I was blown away at losing a total of 40lbs in only 8 weeks, a lot more than we both anticipated. Ben is a great coach who motivates me everyday and is somebody I really do trust."

Ben, 25

"Ben was the first coach I had spoken too that completely understood what I was out to achieve, he was extremely approachable and clearly very professional.

Within four weeks I had noticed massive changes in my appearance, not only was I getting leaner but I was putting on muscle size in all the right areas too.

What he did was excellent but it didn’t need much adaptation as the results were incredible.

After five years of trying it only took Ben eight weeks to get me in the condition I had always wanted, I had now dropped nearly all of my body fat and put on more muscle size and definition everywhere."

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Their effort, hard work and commitment to the program has enabled them to get these outstanding results you see above. 

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